Orchestra Cities – An open source platform for Smart Sustainable Cities

Martel has produced an analysis of the UN’s Smart Sustainable Cities initiative as well as insights into the potential of the open source smart city platform to improve urban sustainability.

The UN’s ‘United for Smart Sustainable Cities’ (U4SCC) is a global initiative to advocate for public policy and encourage the use of ICT to better understand cities’ resource consumption and services.

Dr Monique Calisti, CEO of Martel and President of the ‘Digital For Planet’ initiative said: “As we continue to explore the role that digital transformation can play in the sustainability of our planet, we are encouraged that the measurements being made by our Orchestra Cities platform match those agreed on at the highest level of global governance through this multi-agency UN initiative”.

Orchestra Cities was designed as a multi-function platform allowing a broad range of IoT-enabled applications and services, including waste and water management, transportation, air quality monitoring, traffic and parking, and more, to be effectively defined, offered and monitored.

Data collected by Orchestra Cities in an ongoing partnership with Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich (EKZ), (the energy company for the Kanton of Zurich), corresponds to the environmental indicators listed by the UN as key data sources.

The Orchestra Cities platform actively measures data which corresponds to some of the indicators listed by the United Nations. In fact, we have the capability to measure data corresponding to many more of these indicators and we are keen to explore the potential to expand our remit.” Said Dr Giovanni Rimassa, Chief Innovations Officer at Martel Innovate.

To know more about how Orchestra Cities is actively measuring environmental indicators for air quality and noise pollution and to understand how this matches the key performance indicators listed by the UN, read the White Paper here.

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