Your data, according to your rules: evolve them together, everywhere.

Anubis provides portable data authorisation policies, linked to the data they protect and usable in multi-platform distributed settings.

All these capabilities are essential enablers for data sovereignty: Data owners aim at retaining control on security and privacy policies over their own data, wherever they are, and possibly in a homogeneous and friendly way. Data policies regulate different aspects of data access: who can access it, which parts are accessible, what are the authorised purposes. By enriching existing data APIs with decentralised data sovereignty by means of portable and owner-defined data policies, Anubis both increases trust over such APIs and improves their interoperability.

Orchestra Cities, but also any other Anubis-empowered platform, can thus guarantee data owners will retain sovereignty over their data, according to their rules and evolve them together, everywhere.

ANUBIS for Orchestra Cities
ANUBIS for Orchestra Cities