Orchestra Cities at FIWARE Global Summit 2022

We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming FIWARE Global Summit on 14-15 September at Gran Canaria, Spain.  The FIWARE Global Summit, spanning across 2 days, 14-15 Sept 2022, brings together the entire FIWARE community of members, code contributors, technology adopters, municipalities, utilities providers, private as well as public organisations.

At the Summit, Dr. Federico Facca, CTO Martel Innovate, is speaking in multiple sessions. Follow his talks on:

Federico Facca at FIWARE Global Summit for Orchestra Cities

Orchestra Cities (OC) is an open source, sustainable, smart cities platform that enables cities to gather data from multiple sources and provide insights based on the collected data. 

We invite you to join us at the FIWARE Global Summit 2022 and benefit from the outstanding gathering of FIWARE enthusiasts. Meanwhile, don’t forget to learn more about some our key contributions linked to FIWARE:

The Smart City solutions market is mostly driven by large players that rely on proprietary technologies. Only recently have a small niche of solutions been adopting an open approach.

The forerunner technology in this niche is FIWARE, the most mature open source framework available today dealing with requirements for smart cities, and OC concept takes on FIWARE principles and strives to push them further.

The Orchestra Cities platform is offered by Martel Innovate, an ICT SME based out in Switzerland and having a subsidiary in the Netherlands. Martel Innovate is a Gold member of the FIWARE Foundation and has long standing relation with the FIWARE technology. Martel’s CTO, Dr. Federico Facca is amongst the core technical figures in the FIWARE programme as a member of the Technical Steering Committee since 2012 and member of the Board of Directors since 2017. Dr. Facca will be joining the summit with Dr. Monique Calisti, CEO Martel Innovate, who will be updating the community with some news on the partnerships and collaborations relevant in the area of smart and climate neutral cities.

Orchestra Cities for urban sustainability
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