Martel Innovate at Trade Fair Mobility in Utrecht

On 6th of October 2022, Martel Innovate’s Director at the Dutch subsidiary, Albert Seubers, participated in Vakbeurs Mobiliteit, the Trade Fair Mobility at Utrecht, Netherlands. This joint edition of the Trade Fair Public Space and the Trade Fair Mobility took place for the first time on 5th and 6th October 2022.

the Trade Fair Mobility at Utrecht

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, whom we had the pleasure to meet recently and present the Orchestra Cities (OC) platform and the OC-EKZ use-case, was one of the main sponsors of the Trade Fair Mobility.

Mobility is increasingly becoming an important topic in the (re)design of public spaces. At the event, Martel participated in several meetings and discussions with Ministries, local governments and industry partners on how to (re)implement mobility services as part of the (re)design of cities and public spaces.

Netherlands is facing a huge challenge when it comes to building new houses to meet the demand, in times where emissions (NOx, COx, PMx) all need to be reduced. Next to that the expansion of road capacity to keep expanding cities reachable is making the challenge even more complex.

What is clear, is that we need factual data to understand current situations and to support research and definition of alternative scenarios. Data is the key enabler only when used well under GDPR. Data is the cornerstone of supporting a smart societal approach to change mobility behaviors to reduce pressure on the infrastructure and environment. Collaboration between Central Government, Local Governments, Industry, Research and Citizens defining the best solution for this, based on Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data is the only way forward. The Dutch Metropolitan Innovation initiative, led by Ministries of Infrastructure and Water and BZK, is aiming to achieve this. Martel participated in this initiative and brought the Orchestra Cities open source, open standards, based concept to support management of data.

Caspar de Jonge at the Trade Fair Mobility in Utrecht
Caspar de Jonge at the Trade Fair Mobility in Utrecht
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