Orchestra Cities at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

Orchestra Cities, Martel’s open source platform for smart cities and communities, was on site at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022 in Barcelona, the biggest international exhibition on cities and smart urban solutions, from November 15 to 17.

Orchestra Cities at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

The three day expo gathered more than 20,000 attendees from around the world, over 850 exhibitors and over 400 speakers. About 134 countries participated in this largest event in the area of smart cities and communities.

Dr. Albert Seubers, Director Martel Innovate BV, Dr. Giovanni Rimassa, CIO Martel Innovate and Amrita Prasad, Partnership and Communities Expert participated in the event to showcase Orchestra Cities as the necessary tool for digitally empowered and sustainable smart communities.

The congress program focused on the tools and strategies at hand that local governments, organizations, and citizens can seize to ensure a better future for cities and the coming generations.

In this sense, Orchestra Cities is designed for digitally empowered and sustainable smart communities. It allows adjustable information sharing, leveraging the platform’s multi-tenancy and cloud-native, elastic architecture. OC creates a space where different municipalities can come together and share the fractions of their data and services they find convenient. These external data sources can be used and integrated with sensor data to provide insightful combinations to city stakeholders. Orchestra Cities scalable back-end reliably delivers real-time data streams to both Web dashboards and end-user mobile applications.

An event like this which serves as the touch point for peers and colleagues to make and renew connections, Martelians did took the the same and utilized the opportunity to place OC into strategic discussions with organizations like SORAMA, BrainPort, TNO, City of Rotterdam, City of Helmond, City of Gelsenkirchen, Al Madinah City, BeeSmartCity, Sensative, RedHat, SPIE, ENGINEERING and OASC.

We are looking forward to initiating fruitful collaborations on the basis of these discussions in the coming months.

Find some glimpses of the event below.

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