Orchestra Cities participates in SmartSuisse 2023

On 28th and 29th March 2023 Mr. Albert Seubers, Director Martel Innovate BV, participated in the SmartSuisse 2023 exposition. Mr. Seubers has a very long career in the smart cities domain and prior to joining Martel, he has been the former Director global strategy IT in Cities at ATOS.

Mr. Albert Seubers, Director Martel Innovate BV with Mr. Joel Meier, EKZ, at EKZ booth
Mr. Albert Seubers, Director Martel Innovate BV with Mr. Joel Meier, EKZ, at EKZ booth

Mr. Seubers represented Orchestra Cities, Martel’s own open-source, sustainable, smart communities platform at the event, specifically making ties at the EKZ exhibition booth. Martel and EKZ have a long standing relationship where Orchestra Cities allows EKZ to tailor the support for multiple use cases with adjustable information sharing, leveraging the platform’s multi-tenancy and cloud-native, elastic architecture. A detailed post on this collaboration can be read here.

Mr. Seubers has been bringing Orchestra Cities into strategic discussions with key people in municipalities and communities to position Orchestra Cities as a smart city/community platform as a whole as well as positioning individual components of Orchestra Cities (e.g. Anubis) as standalone products that can be integrated into already existing smart city infrastructure and enhance the platform’s features and capabilities.

SmartSuisse is by far the largest exposition in Switzerland on the smart cities and communities topic. The SmartSuisse 2023 exposition was spread across two days where 72 exhibitors presented their innovative products and services, over 170 speakers gave exciting insights and outlooks on the topic and around 1,500 people participated in the expo.

It has been a very rewarding experience to participate in the SmartSuisse 2023 exposition and Martel looks forward to presenting Orchestra Cities to the Swiss community in the future as well.

Orchestra Cities at Smart City Expo World Congress 2022